Commissioning of the Mt Coffee Hydro Power Plant


Zufahrt Botschaftskanzlei

Address and Contact

Address and telephone number of the German Embassy

Consular Information

The German Embassy in Monrovia does not have a Consular Section.  All consular, visa and passport affairs for Liberian citizens and foreign residents in Liberia have to be addressed to the German Emb...

Gläserne Manufaktur von VW

Economic Relations

Here you may discover all kind of "Made in Germany"

Tschaikowsky-Ballett in der Staatsoper Berlin

Education and Science

A variety of information about the German culture, tradition, education ...

Federal Government Policy Guidelines for Africa

Africa is a continent on the rise. Political successes and the progress made in economic development demonstrate the impact of increasing African ownership and Africans’ own efforts. Europe and Germany must and indeed want to continue supporting and fostering these successes through cooperation on an equal footing with African partners...

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Information about German foreign and European policy and major domestic issues.